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How My Meter Works

How My Meter Works

Your water meter utilizes positive displacement volumetric type measurement technology to measure water flow.

Inflowing water fills your meter’s chamber, setting a rotary piston in motion. Each time the chamber is filled, the piston completes a revolution. The piston is connected to a gear mechanism which converts each rotation of the piston into a volume of water that is recorded on the meter’s counter or register. The volume of water that passes through the meter is displayed in cubic metres (m3) on the counter; this is the number our Meter Readers record to create your monthly bill.

Since the volume of the chamber is a fixed value, your meter cannot over register water flow. Therefore, if your meter is registering a higher flow of water than usual, the reason is generally a leak in the plumbing system of your home rather than a faulty meter.

Although the Authority makes every effort to identify anomalies, we encourage you to be aware of your own water consumption using the resources provided here and here, and report any unusual readings or meter activity to our Customer Service Department.

 Report an Unusual Reading +1 345 94WATER (949-2837)