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Service Interruption

There are three main reasons for service interruptions:



If planned works are determined to necessitate a temporary interruption of service, the Authority will make every effort to contact the affected customers in a timely manner.
The Authority strives to ensure all planned works are undertaken at minimal inconvenience to its valued customers.


Mainline issues and the emergency work necessary to rectify them do not always allow the Authority the time necessary to notify affected customers, particularly in the case of smaller emergency issues that are able to be addressed quickly.
In the case of emergencies that will take a significant amount of time to repair, or that will affect a large number of customers and/or the motoring public, the Authority will issue Public Service Announcements to local print and broadcast media houses and post an alert on the Authority's website.


If service has been interrupted due to non-payment, please note that all outstanding charges for service must be paid before service can be restored. In addition, there is a reconnection service charge of $25.00 that has to be paid prior to restoration of service.
If you know that you will not be able to pay your bill in full before the due date, please contact the Customer Service Department.



If your service has been interrupted due to planned or emergency works, normal service will be restored upon completion of the work. However, it is important to check your water for sediment or air bubbles. While it is rare, small amounts of debris can come through your pipes, as sediment that had settled to the bottom of the water main is disrupted when the water flow returns. Air can also be trapped in the pipe during repairs, and be pushed through your pipes when water service is restored. Both scenarios do not pose a risk to customers’ health and can easily be resolved by flushing your water line. Simply run your outside hose bib or cold water tap for 3-5 minutes, until the water clears. If the water is not clear within 10 minutes, contact the Water Authority at 949-2837.