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Understanding My Bill

  • Account Number
    Your account number is made up of your location number followed by a dash and your customer number. Please keep a record of your account number and use it when you contact the Water Authority about your service.
  • Mailing Address
    This is the name and address to which the bill will be mailed. Please ensure the name and mailing address associated with your bill are correct.
  • Service Address
    This is the physical address for the location of service for this bill. Please note, your service address should include the building number and street name.
  • Previous Statement Balance
    This is the balance indicated as “Total Due” on your last bill.
  • Payments
    This is any payment(s) applied to your account since your last bill.
  • Past Charges Due
    This is the difference between the “Previous Statement Balance” and ″Payments”. This represents the unpaid amount from your last bill.
  • Additional Activity
    This is any adjustment(s), such as additional charges, penalties, refunds, etc., applied to your account since your last bill.
  • New Charges
    This is the total charge for the current billing period. It includes your usage charge, the statutory fee ($0.22 per cubic metre), the Energy Adjustment Factor (calculated based on the electricity cost associated with the production and distribution of the water you use) and the meter rental fee (a fixed monthly charge based on the size of your meter).
  • New Charges Due
    This is the date by which payment for “New Charges” must be received by the Water Authority to avoid a Late Payment Charge of 1.5%.
  • Total Due
    This is the total amount that you owe the Water Authority for service at this location.
  • Bill Message
    This monthly message may contain helpful hints, customer service announcements, or seasonal greetings from the Water Authority.
  • Meter
    This is the serial number of the meter installed at the location associated with this bill.
  • Rate Code
    This is the rate code used by the Water Authority to bill this service. Rates vary for domestic customers, commercial customers, public authorities and truckers. Please see Rates for more information.
  • No. Of Days
    This is the number of days in the meter reading cycle for which you are being billed.
  • From Date
    This is the date of your last meter reading.
  • To Date
    This is the date of your current meter reading.
  • Previous Reading
    This is the meter reading recorded for the last billing period.
  • Current Reading
    This is the meter reading recorded for the current billing period.
  • Reading Type
    This indicated the source of the reading used to calculate your bill and is either “Estimate” or “Actual”. If your bill reads “Estimate”, it means our Meter Readers were unable to access your meter for reading after several attempts. “Actual” means that our Meter Readers were able to access and read your meter.
  • Factor
    This is the multiplier used to calculate the correct volume of water metered based on the size and type of your meter.
  • Billed Usage
    This is the amount of water, in cubic metres (m3), that was metered during the current meter reading cycle.
  • Bill Detail
    This section details how your rate is tiered and the current value of the Energy Adjustment Factor charge. Please see Rates for more information.
  • Annual Usage Graph