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Public Service Announcement: Further Update on Cayman Brac Water Situation

Public Service Announcement: Further Update on Cayman Brac Water Situation
01 May, 2023
Leah Archibold 9492837

Water Authority – Cayman would like to inform customers in Cayman Brac that much progress has been made to resolve the recent challenge of meeting the higher than normal demand for water.

Initial works on both the containerised reverse osmosis plant and the main plant have been carried out over the past two weeks and have now resulted in the water production being at or near full capacity. This improved performance is now allowing the Authority to increase its reservoir storage levels and ordering for trucked water is cautiously returning to normal. Additionally, the increase in production has shortened the wait time for trucked water deliveries so that all such orders are now being delivered the following business day, or at a later date when specifically requested by the customer.

All customers are encouraged to continue conserving water where possible. This can be achieved by using only what water is needed, and constant surveilling of one’s plumbing and storage tanks to urgently identify and repair any leaks. All trucked water customers are reminded to continue monitoring their own supply and call in advance to place their delivery orders.

“We have seen many of our Cayman Brac customers adjust their water habits over the past couple of weeks in response to our request to conserve. Special mention is made of our trucked water customers. We want to thank all of our customers for their continued efforts to use water wisely,” states Dr. Gelia Frederick van Genderen, Director.

The Water Authority thanks all its Cayman Brac customers for their patience and understanding during this challenging time.