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Public Service Announcement - Water Quality Top Priority

Public Service Announcement - Water Quality Top Priority
24 April, 2020
Edlyn Ruiz Stoll 949-2837

Water Authority-Cayman is committed to providing safe, high-quality potable water to all customers.  

Water produced by the Authority is tested daily by the Authority’s accredited Laboratory. Samples are taken at the water production plants, pumping stations and from sample taps across the distribution network, to ensure the quality of the water across the island. Water supplied by the Authority meets the World Health Organization Guideline Values for Drinking Water Quality.

 If a customer is concerned about the quality of their water supply, they should contact the Water Authority first by calling the emergency helpline 946-4357, so that the Laboratory team can investigate.

Customers are reminded that at-home test kits are not an effective means of testing water quality, as these kits are not as robust and reliable as the testing carried out by the Authority’s Laboratory. The Laboratory is accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation, the accreditation ensures that testing results are accurate, reliable and meet high-quality assurance and quality control criteria.

Additionally, customers who have questions about their water quality are urged to not share misleading information on social media; especially if they have not first contacted the Authority. Sharing untrue and unverified information about the quality of water could cause unnecessary concern and fear for the general public and is in violation of section 64 of the Penal Code.

Clean water is critical in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, and the Authority is committed to ensuring all customers have access to high-quality water during this health crisis.