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Customer COVID-19 Update

Customer COVID-19 Update
09 May, 2020
Edlyn Ruiz Stoll 949-2837

In accordance with the “Shelter-In-Place” order, Water Authority’s offices continues to be closed to the public and the Authority remains focused on providing essential services. Customers can access support by contacting our Customer Service Team via email info@waterauthority.ky and report emergencies by calling 946-4357.  

This week some businesses began operation in limited capacity, under the updated regulations of the “Shelter-in-Place” order. With this resurgence of business activity, it is crucial that property owners/managers and maintenance personnel ensure that water quality is maintained in all such buildings, so as to ensure that water quality degradation is not an issue.  

The quality of water supplied by the Water Authority is maintained and as usual, is monitored daily. The Authority, however does not have any control over water quality after the water has entered the building’s plumbing system. Buildings where the water has been rarely used in recent weeks, may have issues of water degradation. The Authority has developed a guide that highlights simple steps that can be taken by property owners/managers and maintenance personnel to address internal building water quality issues. You can find the guide here.  

While commercial customers may have a decrease in water usage due to office closures, residential customers may see an increase in their water use, with children and workers now operating from home. Given the COVID environment, customers are also using more water for increased cleanliness, including washing their hands more frequently; a critical step in stopping the spread of the Coronavirus. Additionally, the last few weeks have been dry resulting in the need for increased irrigation. This increase in water use will result in higher than normal bills. Customers are encouraged to track their water usage and take steps to conserve water were possible. For customers who are facing financial hardships due to the pandemic, the Authority has developed a payment deferral policy to ease the burden. These customers can contact the Authority’s Customer Service team via email at info@waterauthority.ky.

To support the local business community, particularly the hard-hit hospitality industry, the Authority will,  upon written request for consideration, discount wastewater bills for April through June for commercial wastewater customers along the West Bay Road corridor. Charges will be adjusted based on the monthly water usage for each development, compared to the historical (annual average) water consumption. To learn more about the wastewater discount, click here.

Lastly, customers can now collect and pay their bill at the Post Office. Please visit the Post Office website for opening hours and collection times. To make a cash payment, please ensure you provide your name, your Water Authority account number, your service address and the amount being paid. If customers need their bill balance, they are encouraged to first check their online account, if they have one, or visit the Post Office to collect their bill. Queries for bill balances can be made via info@waterauthority.ky

 A reminder to you, our valued customers, the Authority’s Customer Service is processing a large volume of emails. If you have contacted the team via email and have not heard from us yet, please be patient. The team is working hard to respond and process each email and will be in touch. There is no need to send additional emails and we thank you for your understanding.

As always, we encourage our customers to continue to take action to prevent the spread of the virus by washing your hands regularly, practising social distancing and wearing masks in public.

For more updates, and relevant messages from the Authority, customers can visit the website www.waterauthority.ky and social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).